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SkyRite Is An Approved Construction Contractor for Phillips 66 Images

Phillip66 Corporation


In June of 2017 Phillips 66 announced a new Signature Image Program for its Phillips 66, Conoco, and 76 brands.

These new designs complement the Shield image that was introduced to the market in 2014.“It is time for us to refresh our look out in the marketplace in a way that gives our customers options to choose an image that work best for them and their location,” said Greg Hart, manager of brand at Phillips 66. “Our customers are excited about having images that are bright, unique, modern, affordable, and stand out in the marketplace.”

We are delighted to announce that SkyRite Signage Company is an approved construction vendor to perform these SHIELD, RIVET and FUSION upgrades. We can provide a turnkey image upgrade experience, handling all the fine details.

Phillips 66 intends to launch these upgrades on a regional basis over the next several years ultimately upgrading about 5000 sites. If you are a Phillips 66 or Conoco dealer or retailer and ready to upgrade, contact SkyRite and we will provide an upgrade experience that minimizes downtime yet provides a dramatic visual upgrade to your sites.

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