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SkyRite Proudly Designs and Installs Firestone Sign

SkyRite discusses the new custom designed sign at Amarillo's historic Firestone building.


Not only are we located downtown but, several of the folks within SkyRite have been involved in the evolution of Downtown Amarillo for years. That's why we were so delighted when Sally and Gary Jennings selected SkyRite to design and install a sign for their Firestone Amarillo project.

The Firestone building, located at 10th and Tyler, was opened in the 1930’s as Amarillo’s “one-stop shop” for car care.  With its distinctive design, including an ornate brick service canopy, the FireStone has been an Amarillo architectural landmark since that time. The Jennings purchased the structure a few years ago and recently completed a thoughtful restoration of this building.  It’s now the home of 13 unique upscale residences attracting both the young and old to a downtown urban lifestyle. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in July 2015.

For SkyRite’s part in this project, we wanted to design a sign that reflected the upscale feel of the residences but, honored Firestone antique signage of the past.  We also want to create a sign that would attract the eye (and potential residents), yet not overpower the impressive look and feel of the structure.  Kizer, our designer, worked with the Jennings and designed the sign from scratch, borrowing some influence from some of the historic Firestone signage.  Both Cody and Pete built the sign and carefully walked the project through to completion.


We are thrilled with the sign and feel so proud to play a small role is this historic project.  If you have not seen the Firestone recently, check it out at and then stop by.  The Jennings have done such a service in restoring  this landmark  and insuring its place in Amarillo’s downtown for years to come.