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SkyRite Signage Company Attends International Sign Association Meeting

Heath Davis shares some thoughts from this year's International Sign Association Meeting in Orlando, Florida


Recently members of the SkyRite Signage Team participated in the International Sign Association Expo in Orlando, Florida.  This conference brought sign companies, lighting vendors and printing manufacturers from around the world to meet and discuss the evolving technologies and processes in our business.  “We want SkyRite to be ahead of the curve as our industry continues to advance”, said Heath Davis, Operations Manager at SkyRite.  “We have seen new products here that we will allow us to create better designs and lower our customer’s costs”.

Thin channel letters

One area of interest to Heath is using LED lighting to replace neon tubes.  “Neon is a great sign technology with plenty of nostalgic charm.  However, it can be costly to maintain over time.  I have watched flexible LED tube technology for some time.  If we can build some confidence with these products in the field, it could be a big win for our customers.”

Flexible LED light tubes to replace neon

Another interesting product was a transparent message board.   Primarily used in interior retail scenarios, this clear message board made the images come alive.  The costs of these boards are currently prohibitive but, I will be fun to watch to technology advance.


We are so appreciative to our customers for giving us the opportunity to attend and look forward to using much of what we learned to improve our products and services.