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Tascosa Rebel Baseball Is Sporting New Banners

The Tascosa Rebels begin their season new vinyl mesh banners and field sponsor signage.


We are beginning to see some welcome signs of spring in Amarillo after this dry and windy winter.  In addition to the trees peeking a few leaves and some mid 60’s weather, the baseball teams are beginning to start their season.  One of our favorite teams is the Tascosa Rebels.  Some of our own kids have played on the team over the years and they are also a great customer.  SkyRite printed the new outfield sponsor banners and updated the title sponsor’s scoreboards signage. 

Tascosa chose a vinyl mesh banner material which is a great solution for windy locations instead of cutting those old and ugly wind slits in banners. This makes for a more stylish product that will last longer in exterior installations.


We are proud to support Tascosa Rebel Baseball and wish them a banner year 😉 !  If your club or organization needs sponsor banners or field signage to up your game, give us a call.  We can handle the whole process from design to print and are ready to deliver a high-quality, affordable product.

Go Rebels!