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We are SkyRite Signage Company!


Hello! I am John Lutz and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to SkyRite Signage Company. Although the name may be new to you, we have been raising and repairing signs across the Texas Panhandle since 1972.

In January of 2017 Chan Davidson and Jodi Teal, siblings and business partners, purchased Signs of Change from Jimmy and Muriel Barnes. The Barnes had built a loyal customer base and were looking for folks that shared their core values, would honor their customers and develop the business to its full potential. After a few months of discovery we learned that the Davidson Group and the Barnes are a good match.

Since January, we have worked diligently with Jimmy to improve the company’s depth and capabilities. These include:

  • Moved the team to a new office (202 South Arthur)with more work space and a better storefront.
  • Doubled the size of the team to include an additional Master Sign Electrician, sign technicians, sales resources and operations professionals.
  • Expanded our vinyl and digital printing capabilities with new equipment.

With these improvements in place and a developed strategy for more to come, it’s time to reintroduce ourselves to our friends and customers. A sign company that is optimistic, forward-looking and bold deserves a name and brand that reflects those characteristics. Therefore we have changed our name to SkyRite Signage Company and developed a new image that reflects the spirit of enthusiasm and inspiration we find in this opportunity.

Our goal is to be the best sign company in the business, have fun, and develop some great relationships along the way. We hope you’ll be a part of this journey with us.

Nothing but blue skies ahead!


P.S. Check out our new website at and look us up on social media.